Galil DMC-1800 Motion Controller Linux Driver

The Galil DMC-1800 cards are motion controllers designed to control robots and other industrial machines. Please refer to the Galil site for more information on this card.

We have written Linux 2.4 and 2.6 drivers for these peripherals. The drivers have been tested on a DMC-1860 and on a DMC-1880 card.

The Linux 2.6 driver offers a buffered interface for motion controller commands so as to get fast and safe robot movement even in a non-real-time Linux environment.

We thank Galil Motion Control Inc. and ServoTecnica s.r.l. for providing us with a DMC-1860 card.

WARNING: This software comes without any warranty: use at your own risk!


The driver is in alpha stage, and it is released under the GNU General Public License.

To install the tool, download the source code (a gzipped tar archive), uncompress the files, and read the README file.

  • Linux 2.4 driver (version 0.4.1)
  • Linux 2.6 driver (version 0.5.2)